Dancing 'Wander Home Studio' to Life

“A sense of mastery comes out of her, like a strong, shiny shoot, because she’s been watching carefully and she knows the shoot is going to flower. And she is going to dance, dance hungry, dance full, dance each cold, astonishing moment, now when she is young and again when she is old.” Anne Lamott, Traveling Mercies

I scribbled this quote onto a card as a college freshman, the year I discovered Anne Lamott’s writing, a year when her words spoke straight to the center of my being, when my roommate and I called her “Annie”, and she read to us (from audiobook CDs, if anyone remembers those!) as we lay on the floor of our small dorm room, living through the growing pains of becoming adults.

In the (many) years since, that note card has been tacked to the walls in every place I’ve lived, crossing the country with me to Baton Rouge, Washington, D.C., Denver, and Memphis. I’ve taken different kinds of solace from Anne’s words at different times. Sometimes, new to a job or working to find my place in a new city, I clung to the hope of that shoot turning into a flower, of the dance that would come.

Other times, like today, I feel myself in the middle of that dance. Watching, learning, practicing, preparing, I’ve been getting ready for this moment for over a year. For my whole life, of course, but most specifically over this COVID-full year-plus. In June of 2020, I hit my first “pandemic wall” and came face-to-face with my mental health, wrestling with the anxiety and depression that have ebbed and flowed through my adult life. As I re-learned to manage my mental health and show care to myself, I turned to sewing. A long-time occasional sewist, I found this practice a release and relief through this time - taking one small step at a time, my mind and hands occupied, slowly creating objects of comfort and beauty. (Well, tbh, not always beauty - but the mistakes and learning felt productive and beautiful in their own way.) An idea wiggled into my brain and would not leave - what if this was your career, what if you made real things, as a real day job?

As we all hibernated through the pandemic winter, I began to let this idea out into the light, slowly sharing with friends, starting to make the dream more concrete. I spent the spring learning so many, many things about being a creative, running a small business, taking photographs, designing collections, improving my sewing skills. Nurturing the shoot, I woke up excited for the next step of the journey.

And now - it’s time for the flower, time to “dance each...astonishing moment” as I launch my first collection of modern, handmade goods. I’m thrilled, nervous, terrified, and full of joy as I share these items - I hope you like them, I hope you’ll consider purchasing them, and I hope they bring that same joy and sense of life to your home and your life.

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