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Why 'Wander Home Studio'?

Hello and welcome! I'm Mackenzie Smith, the person behind all things Wander Home Studio.  I love the creativity that comes through quilting: playing with shapes, colors and patterns to create something greater than its parts. I started quilting as a college student, when my aunt invited me for a long learn-to-sew weekend. Many years and many projects later, I'm excited to share my handmade creations with you.

In addition to quilting, I love travel and have lived a pretty nomadic life, with years spent in southern Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta; in Memphis, Denver, and Washington, D.C. In 2017, I set out on a year-long trip (dubbed the #longroadtriphome!), working remotely as I traveled across the country. My plan: spend a year living everywhere, looking for the one best place to call home. By the end of the trip, I hadn’t chosen a long-term home, but I had learned an important truth from the friends and family who hosted me along the way: it’s not the place that makes the perfect home--it’s the choosing and committing to a place and its people.

That place may be one location, or it may be many over the course of our ever-evolving lives. My goal with Wander Home is to create beautiful, useful handmade goods to help all of us make “homes” out of all the various spaces and places we occupy.  I’m launching this business as I stand on the brink of another move myself, contemplating what it will mean to commit to my new community, and how I’ll bring a sense of home to my own new space. And so I turn to my fabric, my needles and thread, and I stitch together handmade goods to represent the beauty and joy I hope to bring into our places, for myself, and for each of you. 


I donate 2% of all revenue to local organizations that provide shelter and assistance to the unhoused and to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. I’ve chosen to give in this way from the first quilt I sold, in recognition of my own privilege and, in the spirit of Wander Home Studio, to support others in finding and creating home.

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